Can't show signup / login popup reusable element

It doesn’t come up in the list of elements to show.

List of elements per top left page navigation:

List of elements available in show element action:

Why is the reusable login popup missing from the list of elements to show?

Can you share a link to the editor?

Will send via email. Do you also need my login credentials?

If you do by email please fill a bug report at


Well in this case it’s just that you haven’t added the reusable element to the page… You should click on it at the bottom of the new element palette, and draw it on the page, otherwise how can Bubble know you want to use it.

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Right, that makes sense. I thought that reusable elements were ‘global’ - didn’t realise they work like controls. Thanks

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I got stuck trying to figure out why my new reusable element was not visible in the list as well. This might be a good topic for the tutorials.