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Cant untick Amount rows with Full list

Hi! Im very new to bubble and is just trying the out the free version for an idea. There seems to be some styling features not available for me that I see in tutorials… When I open the settings window for a component like a group/repeating group, I dont have a tab called Style, only a few style options in the first tab Appearance . Maybe is this just a new standard? But also when I try to create a Full list for a repeating group, I still have to choose amount of rows!? I dont have any tickbox for Set amount of rows… !? Maybe all of this has to do with the Free plan? or am I missing something super basic here :slight_smile: Many thanks! Carl

Hi! @carl.palmquist

So, you need to remove the current style in order to be able to set yours. Search for something like the image below and click in “Remove style”.


When you choose “Full list” your repeating group will display all your data at once. If you want to limit the amount of visible rows, you should select the option “Fixed rows” :wink:

Thanks for reply @rpetribu ! Maybe I was a bit quick there regarding amount of rows, it seems to work, but in the recent video tutorial I watched, the window had a tick box asking if should be Fixed number of rows, or not, but I dont have that option, so I leave it at lets say 3 rows, but having Full List seems to at least only show amount of rows from list. So thats good, but still a bit strange that it looks differently than a new tutorial video from 2022…!?

But regarding Layout, as I said, in the tutorial the guy had a dedicated tab named Layout, where he could change spacing to/from other components/groups etc. I dont have that Tab, and where my styling options are in the Appearance tab, it says nothing about “Margins”, “Horizontal Alignments”, “Cell container Layout” etc… I have of course tried deleting the current Style option to nothing, but I cant seem to find these Styling options?! Your help is really appreciated!

ohhhh… ok!

This is because you are still using the old responsive settings. You can change it in the up left corner of your editor:

Just make sure to SAVE a copy of the current page!


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That did the trick! :smiley: Big thanks!

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