Can't Upload CSV Files Anymore


I am having this weird issue that I can’t successfully upload CSV files into my DB anymore. More specifically, the processing of the CSV file I upload simply stops at a given time and completely freezes and therefore, only a part of the data ends up in the DB.

I have used this feature many times, but since a few days, it just doesn’t work anymore. I have also tried to split up my CSV file into smaller chunks, but it didn’t change anything.

Does anyone have an idea what might cause this weird bug?

Same issue here:

First chunk 1000 rows, everything worked well, then just after 1000 rows more and it freezed. I know that the 2 CSV are cleaned and can be uploaded wo any problem. I have 10 dataset like that, and I struggle since 2 days to upload my 10K rows in my db… Any idea to do it differently ?