Unable to Import CSV file - $200 Job


I am looking for an experienced Bubble developer who can help me solve an ongoing issue I have with uploading CSV files into my database.

The Problem

I have a CSV file with 11 columns and ~165,000 rows which I want to import into the database. I have successfully used the CSV import functionality and it worked flawlessly. Since the beginning of May, it doesn’t work any more. After the file has been uploaded, only parts of the file are processed and the processing stops at a random time and the progress bar will stop at ~ 5 seconds.

What I tried already

  • I tried the above multiple times, on different browsers, on different OS and in incognito tabs.
  • I have tried to split the CSV files into multiple smaller datasets of 2,000 rows. Some of these files can be imported successfully, and then all of a sudden, the same problem as described above arises.
  • I have opened another account and created an empty application with only one table in the database and tried to upload the CSV file. Same problem, so the reason cannot be that any workflow or logic is hindering the CSV import.
  • I tried using the Data API, which also couldn’t resolve the problem.
  • I tried removing some columns from the CSV file to see if there might be a problem with that, but no success.

Job Description

I will pay $ 200 to anyone who can find a solution for our problem. The only requirement I have is that I need to know what caused the problem and how to avoid this in the future. In other words, I need a solution to upload these files in the future, and not only one time.

If you’re interested, please send me a message, and we can discuss the details.


Hey there @user4879,

It seems like you’ve tried debugging this issue pretty well. Have you reached out to the Bubble Success Team for support? This could very much be a bug, which can be reported here.

I would also take a look at this article. It seems like you’re trying to upload a lot of data entries and the query could be timing out. Bubble recommends using the Bubble API for a more scalable approach.