Can't work with a custom state in a page


I’m creating a simple personal web page, and I want it to be in Spanish and in English. I started creating a reusable Header element, and then I created a custom state (yes/no) in the UK image to change the language custom state. So, when I click on the UK I set the custom state “English language” to yes, and when I click on the Argentinan flag, I set it to no. Then I set a conditional to each button text "If language custom state is yes/no, display text “…” (Spanish/English text).

But when I added the header to a page, and then added a text to that page, I couldn’t apply the same conditional to each text since I cannot access to that custom state as it is located on the UK image within the header.

Maybe is not the correct way to work with more than one language and custom states. Could you help me?

Which should be the best approach to do what I want to?

You define the action on the reusable element. Then, on the page you’re working on, you create a workflow that “When condition is true Header state is” → execute/show action.

I have 4 reusable headers, notifications, sidebars and such and they work well. You just gotta think of all the logic