App reaching capacity this week but same as last week and was not - API scheduled workflows is yours?

Has anyone else noticed this week you are hitting capacity where last week you were not?

Nothing has changed for us, not new users same workflows and for some reason we started hitting 100% capacity on a scheduled workflow that has been the same for the lats 6 months!

Has bubble been playing with capacity levels again?

Check your app for capacity and compare it to last few weeks and see if you have also noticed an increase on the metrics?

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I’ve noticed something for sure. I have a scheduled workflow that fails due to capacity at one time of day, yet runs successfully at another.

Nothing new here - but the entire ‘capacity’ issue remains a big 'ole mystery to me.

App is not released - it is just me and one other working and testing it.

Graph shows zero times reached max capacity in last month. OK, good.

What is so strange to me is that ‘Average CPU use against available capacity’ graph has a peak line for last 24 hours of 6%. Seems about right. Here’s the rub: a notice that says “Your app could have been 3 minutes faster with more capacity over the last 24 hours”. Um, huh? What? How could it have been faster if it only peaked at 6 percent?!?!?

Yes I know Bubble have tried to explain this before and it still remains a mystery. I wonder if they have adjusted or “tweaked” this again recently, because I certainly didn’t do anything different.

Yeah, something happened. We have to watch very closely to find the cause.

Just checked all the apps that i have running for me and clients. Seems normal here.

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I noticed some peaks with scheduled workflows

Hey guys!

We’ve discussed capacity a few times already, but it boils down to: there is no real way for us to be more transparent about capacity as it is now, because the number of factors that we are simplifying under one “Capacity” umbrella is so large. I do want to assure you that we’re working on getting capacity into a state where we can be more transparent about it, specifically regarding how it works and how it impacts your application.

In the meantime: if you’re seeing capacity spikes where there weren’t any before, do let us know by contacting us at If it is happening, it may be related to a number of features that have been rolled out recently (as you can see on our releases page, our engineering team has been quite busy!) so we’d be happy to investigate if something odd is going on there. If you can narrow it down to a specific workflow spiking capacity where it wasn’t before, that would be particularly helpful.

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Thanks @eve it is definitely scheduled API workflows that are peaking and it resulted in a completely frozen app and a frontend error message something along the lines of app not available we apologize.

At least 12 months it has not changed and started very recently.

I will test and document , but I also see you have been doing some work very recently on API backend.

If anyone else is seeing API capacity spikes that were not there a week or two ago then let me know it’s just not me! :expressionless:

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@StevenM Thanks for checking in - there is definitely some work being done on our backend, so it’s very possible that this is a side-effect; please do document and report as soon as you have something, if this is happening we certainly want to resolve it.


HI Eve

I have sent a support request with a video and images and description of the issue and pinpointed the issue. If I am correct it happens when you save the API ref number for a API previously run and saves it to the database. At the very least I have identified the API workflow which has not changed in the last 12 months and occurs with the few test runs of the api and in live.

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HI Eve

This i now getting ridiculous.

I have not changed a thing on the app and in fact it is using less workflows than in the past and now scheduled API are being maxed out even when I add a 10 second interval on each item in a list.

I am not gong mad you guys have changed something to make this happen. I have never in the last 2 years seen this before on even more API activity!

It is locking up my app!

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This is ridiculous how can this start happening when over the last 2 years it has been working with a blip on capacity!

The only conclusion here is that you have reduced capacity on API calls because i have changed nothing and demand has remained the same even less.

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Hey @StevenM,

I absolutely believe something is going on here, so I’ve escalated this to our engineering team to further investigate at this time.


That’s the right mentality as a customer support representative. I like that. Good luck Eve!

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Thanks Eve!

Thanks for this information. It is useful

Hi @eve any update on this. I am hitting maximum with a a very small list in dev and never before and want to know what is going on???

9 records change and 9 emails sent on a scheduled API.

I built this app on a personal plan and even on that plan testing with a larger list size it hardly registered a blip and now I am on a larger plan and in the last month it has been hitting maximum even in test with 9 records!

Hey Steven,

This issue is with our engineering team this week; given that it has been affecting a number of applications, it is being prioritized, so I suspect we’ll have answers sooner rather than later.

Thanks for your patience as we investigate this behavior!