Capital letters in URL break the URL?

There was a previous post about this, but it’s been 2 years. Maybe someone knows something now?

To reiterate, it seems like if you have capital letters in your URL (whether in a page name or a parameter), it breaks.

Two examples:

  1. We are trying to generate QR codes that are as compact as possible. One way to do this is to use capital letters in the URL so that as much as possible is encoded in alphanumeric rather than binary.

For example: is available for purchase -

Becomes is available for purchase -

But this leads to a 404, at least if you capitalize the page name. You can get away with capitalizing the domain.

It was suggested by my coworker that we try making a page called IMPORTANTPAGE (all caps) that just redirects to importantpage to work around this, but you CAN’T make capitalized pages, so that doesn’t work.

  1. On one of our websites, we use URL parameters for the white-labeling. So one client would be


and another would be


If you replace the parameter with THISCOMPANY, the page 404s, even if you have operators on the “get data from page URL” to :lowercase the parameter before using it for anything.

Any ideas why this is or how we could work around it?

URLs don’t accept capital letters. Most browsers will automatically convert it to lowercase. If they don’t you’ll probably get a 404 because the server is treats capitalised URLs a different URL from the lowercase one and can’t find anything on that path.

Having said that, you should be able to have uppercase letters on your URL parameters, for example: should work and will also be case sensitive. So you can have a check for this on your page that converts the URL param data to lowercase and then redirects it to the right path.

Hope this makes sense!

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You can use a 301 redirect on the SEO/MetaTags page to redirect from yourpage/THIS to yourpage/this.


Any way to preserve URL parameters/data in URL? I can get it to work for just vs but if I do the redirect doesn’t seem to occur, which makes sense I guess since it’s a different path.

The domain does seem to auto correct to lowercase, but the page path and data do not. I’m on latest Chrome which should be pretty standard. I believe I had an issue with the ?=blabla parameter despite having a :lowercase operator on the Get data from page URL but I might have messed up, I’ll double check.

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yes, it does sound like the parameter data (?data=Something) is case sensitive.
data=something will be different from data=Something for example

Let me know what you find. this is quite interesting

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