How can I duplicate a database with a workflow?

Hello everybody, I’m trying to duplicate a database .
The data base is called “Cart items” I want to create a copy of all its items into another database called “order delivery status”
Rigth now when you buy something, a new “order delivery status” is created but the information it has is the total price of the items, the total amount of items and a list with the items that have been bougth.
But I’m trying to create a new “order delivery status” for each product
the workflow looks like this

I dont want to make changes to the “cart items” , I need to create a new thing in a different database.
Thank you

Not sure what you are asking. In general…

  1. If you want the user to create a new (single) item, you can do that through a workflow where you select Data/Things and Create a New Thing and fill in the fields using information from the thing you are copying.

  2. If you want to copy a bunch of things, but not a huge amount, do a workflow using “Copy a list of things…”

  3. If you want to copy a large number of things, use a backend / API workflow and set it up as a recursive workflow, so that it copies one item, then repeats to copy the next, and so on.

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