Cascading drop down filter from an API

I am very new to Bubble and Web Development in general and I am having a hard time understanding how to make this work.

The idea is that a user is going to input their vehicle data into drop-down menus like you would see on any car website Year > Make > Model > Trim

I have found and tested an API that contains all that data and I have been able to get each individual dropdown to populate with its own data, however, what I can’t seem to figure out is how to make one drop-down filter to the next. For Example, in Drop Down A if I select 2013 and in B I select Ford I would like C to only show the 2013 Ford Models from the database that the API is connected to.

I can see in the API documentation that there are ways to request this information but it requires an individual call for each search. I believe there is a way to allow the user inputs to define the calls, I just don’t know how to get there.

Here is a link to the API website I am using:

Thanks for any guidance or help!