Cascading Dropdowns

Hi. I have a dropdown which lets a user select a static choice of North/South/East/West (field is direction). Once the user has selected, a 2nd dropdown will list the options specific to the direction choice (eg North -> A, B, C; South -> D, E, F…). In this case, the choice selected (A or B or C or D or E or F…) is supposed to populate a field called type.

I have tried hiding my 2nd dropdown and only show the relevant dropdown based on the 1st dropdown. It almost work but it broke when I’m trying to submit to a database. The 2nd dropdown is not able to populate the field type

Appreciate any advice on how to tackle this. Thanks

If you set up your database properly, it should work fine.

Datatype 1: (1 field)

Datatype 2: (2 fields)
A North
B North
C North
D South
E South
…and so on…

Dropdown 2 is hidden unless Dropdown 1 is not empty

Furthermore, Dropdown 2 is Dynamic, do a search for DataType2, constraint: DataType1 = Dropdown1’s value

Thanks Robert! :slight_smile: I used a solution using option sets. link below Cascading Filters using Option Sets in Bubble

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