Cascading Filters using Option Sets in Bubble


My use case: Two option sets (dropdown filter)

  1. I have a Region Dropdown filter - A
  2. then Branch dropdown filter - B
  3. when i select option “North” in Region (A), it should show only branches inside the North region. example: Michigan, Montana
  4. when i select option “North” in Region (A), it should not show Southern branches like Texas

Currently, both A and B are unrelated dropdown menus. What’s the best practice to link them so that the A’s choice cascades to B’s choices?

You can create a relationship at database. The dynamic values for second dropdown will to be a result of the “Search” of the value selected from the first dropdown.

Is there any tutorial videos or documentation on this?

I found But this is already achieved using constraints/filters. It doesn’t cascade the filter from one to another dropdowns. The unrelated choices are still shown (which should not be the case)

Any help is appreciated

bump. Anyone has any idea/tips?

ps: I am using 2 options sets which i am trying to link or cascade.

Woot woot… just found the solution myself.

For those who might come looking for an answer…

  1. Define attributes in Option sets
  2. Fill up attribute fields for all Options (this can be little daunting)
  3. Use :filtered function to link the two option sets


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