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Center fixed width page on new responsive engine

Hi, I’m using the new responsive editor and liking it so far. What I don’t understand how to do is make a centered page with a max width of 1280 like I used to do.

In the editor it looks good at 1280 px:

When I preview, the whole page moves to the left:

My layout:

Page is column layout
Group that contains all page elements is column layout
The top section and second section are both row layout groups containing column layout groups.

If I set the rows to centered, they collapse to a minimal size with no spacing. If I set them to horizontal stretch they work perfectly but they are left aligned.

I want them to take up the whole space available to them up to the max width, but stay centered.

Hey @giosegar,

I did a walkthrough on this issue and how to set it up properly.

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Thank you so much eli! Very helpful video. I wanted to skip making two rows for each section so I tried using a column group that contains all sections, centered with infinite width. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work. So, two rows for every section it is :slight_smile:

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