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Centering repeating groups when resized

Is there a way to resize repeating groups whilst maintaining the internal groups centered? (the image of the t shirt in the mobile layout to be centered and not offset to the left as in image attached)

Repeating group layout: (rows 1, column 4, vertical scroll)

Desktop layout:

Mobile layout:

Thanks in advance for your time!

There is a way to do it but the rg cells will need to be dynamic in width, so it wouldn’t keep the same sizing…otherwise I believe you just need to have multiple rgs for the different number of columns. (4 columns down to 1 requires 4 rgs)

If you don’t mind a dynamic width of the cells checkout the post below

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Hi @boston85719!

Cheers thanks for the fast response! I had a look at your editor and that’s exactly what I want, although I can’t figure out how your single repeating group expands horizontally as mine would expand vertically if I set the RG to 1 row 1 column?

It expands horizontally because of the responsive settings used such as collapse margins…poke around the editor and check out the settings for things like collapse margins when width is…also look at the max width settings…look for those on the elements that is the group containing everything as well as group containing rg and rg itself.

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