Change a thing at a specific time of day?

Is it possible to change a thing at a time of day:

at 11am change thing’s type to YES

I’ve noticed Bubble only calls the ‘current date/time’ once on page load.

You can always schedule an API call to make certain actions at an specific time :slight_smile:

Thank you! But what if it is just an internal action? :slight_smile:

If you are using a scheduled API event versus a recurring event, you can schedule it for a specific time using a date transform. (Ex. change an auction’s listing to expired at 11:00am the following day). API workflows (whether recurring or scheduled) happen in the background. I believe that’s what you mean by internal action?

I made a quick video walkthrough of date transformations on another post.

Hey thanks for your reply!

What I meant was it is not using any third party API’s so how would I make it so it just changes data on my Bubble app?

Thanks again!

API Workflow is just Bubble’s term for “do this thing without user interaction.” Scheduling an API Workflow essentially says, “Hey Bubble, go run this workflow at a specific date/time, I don’t care if anybody pushed a button.”

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ok- got it! Thank you :slight_smile:

So just to clarify- I need this to do X everyday at 11am- this is possible right?

The examples I have seen are monthly or weekly which are less specific

Appreciate the help guys!!

Any pointers on this would be amazing! :slight_smile:

oh, Just realised to do this you need to be on the 165USD per month plan :frowning: this is unfeasible for me atm

You might want to look at…

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Amazing- have you used this before?

Yes, it is a little techie at times, but it works very well.

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