Change Background color based on a text value in RG

Hi, the problem I’m facing with is that I don’t know how to change background color of a text, based on his value.

First of all, I get data from Google sheets, with the help of API and sheety.

The data are orders of our clients, and each order has a status either - “In treatment (V obdelavi)” and "Finished (“Zaključeno”). The background color should change based on the value it has. So either green or orange. Here is an example how the order will look like → and the green looking buttons are the statuses.

I’ve tried with the states, but cannot get it done, because the data, has to be stored in database right? I haven’t found any simillar problem, that has got the data from google sheets, so I don’t know how to fix this.

Looking forward for answers!

Best regards!


Add condition on the text. e.g. ( when status is active change background color to green hex code, when status is Inactive change color to red hex code )

Yeah condition with status is logical, but I dont know how to set the status, based on value.
Can you give me more details please?

can you put a screenshot here that show the text status so that i can have idea? on the editor side

I get status data from google sheets column status.
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 11.24.06

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