Change background color based on content

Hello :wave:. Is it possible to change the background color of a text element based on the text?
For example:

  • BLUE = ‘TO DO’
  • RED = ‘URGENT’
  • GREEN = ‘DONE’

Thanks in advance, Jonathan

I’m not sure why I thought you would easily be able to change the background color using a simple condition… could have sworn I had done that before.

Anyway, it can be done on an input field (which you could disable if you just want it for display purposes) using the condition when this input’s value is [your text here], set the background color to the desired color. Maybe that would work for you?


@mikeloc you can change the background color of a text element based on conditions

@jonathan.gaunt what mike said about conditions is the way to do it, either using text element or put text in a group and change group background color or inputs…all elements have the same basic conditional capabilities

I’m sure you’re right about the text element, @boston85719, and I was going to respond as such until I went to double check and only saw the following options for a condition on a text element:


For an input field where the content format is text, you can construct a condition of “This input’s value is…”, which does not appear to be an option for a condition on a text element.

Anyway, can you clue me in (it’s got to be super simple and I’m just not seeing it) and let me know what I’m missing here, please?


Thank you - amazing help.

You’re right, @mikeloc, the text element doesn’t have a value but I would assume this text is a value saved to the database record as a status. Therefore, your condition would be ON the text element but RELIANT on the database value. (i.e. - Current cell’s thing’s status = TO DO)

Oh, I thought you were focused on the idea that the background color couldn’t be changed when a condition is met. I wasn’t focused on a particular condition or that the value of the text was part of the condition in the element itself.

I usually do things similar to what @eli commented below about using the database value…sometimes I also use a custom state for the value to be evaluated.

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