Change boxshadow and border colour

I want to create a condition where you could customize the colour of a group nested in a repeating group based on clicking a circle in a group focus. When you click on a circle in the group focus, the colour of the border will be changed to the colour of the circle selected and the box-shadow colour will be a little darker compared to the border colour. Firstly, I could not set the condition to target the group as its nested within the repeating group. Secondly, I could not identify any condition for me to directly change the border and box-shadow colour of the group when the circle is selected. Should I create a custom state? If so how can i do so? I really need guidance to tackle these two issues so it would be amazing if someone could help me :slight_smile: .

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In order to work with nested elements more easily, you can convert the nested element into a reusable element and use states.

To set condition on the border color and shadows color, you must first enable them.
In other words, first change the style of the border in that condition, then add the color.
You should do the same with the shadow.

It seems to be working now, thanks for the advice, really appreciate it. I will get back to you if i encounter any further bugs in the workflow. For now, have a great day man :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! I appreciate your kind words. If you come across any more bugs or need further assistance with the workflow, feel free to reach out to me. Have a fantastic day! :blush:

hey again I hope your day is going well so far :slight_smile: , so for the condition I added two circles into my focus group, one outline circle and one full colour circle. I wanted the user to have a response that if they click on one of the outline circle, the full circle would be displayed and the border of the table would be displayed in the colour of the circle selected. For this i used the condition: when “full circle icon” is visible, border colour= colour of background like this:
screenshot 1
However, when the group focus is closed, the colour resets to the preset value of the group. I wanted to retain that colour selected even when the group focus is closed so I added another condition:
screenshot 2
Initially it did work as expected but as I included the conditions for new colours, the group would just prioritize the colour of the latest condition that I have set.
The way i want this group to respond is that first the colour of the border would be as the default set colour. Then the user would open the focus group and select a circle over there. Then the group would display the border colour of the circle selected, even when the group focus element is hidden. Which conditions (or workflows or states) should I implement to achieve such a result. Thanks again for responding and helping out earlier

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You need to define a state and change its value when the user clicks. Then set the condition according to its value.

Note, if the number of items is large, make sure to use the repeating group in some way and use reusable for the cells.