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Change color on left and right for fixed-width pages

Hi, for me this seems to be a trivial question, however somehow I don’t find the solution: For a fixed-width page, how do I change the white color on the left and right of the page?

Thanks in advance!

That is controlled by the page background style. Change the background style, the white should change to whatever you want it to.

Hey @potentialthings! Thanks for the quick resonse. I have selected a different background color, however this only changes within the main area. See for example this page, what I want is that the color also covers the white areas on the left and right. Is that possible?

Oh, you’re right. Hmm, I thought I used to do it this way, but I guess not. I don’t remember how I did it before, maybe I made it up :confused:

No worries, thanks for your input! let’s hope someone else has a good idea :slight_smile:

@emmanuel is this possible? Would help me out a lot with my app!

Yes, if you make the page non fixed width, the main page area will stretch to the edges.

Ah, right. Make the page responsive, but throw all your content in a fixed width group. That way the “meat and potatoes” of your site is static, but you can fill the background from edge to edge


Ah perfect, thanks for the hint!