Change Current Page's thing

I have a page of type Project that displays action steps for the project. It is usually invoked by another page where the user selects the project to examine.

While in this Project page, I would like the user to change the Current Page’s Project by using a dropdown of projects.

I don’t see that I can start a workflow simply based on the user changing the selection in the dropdown box.

Assuming I can start a workflow by changing a dropdown’s value, is there a way to change the Current Page’s Project? In this scenario, is it necessary to have a button to click? Is it necessary to have to workflow open a new instance of the page?

You can create a workflow “when dropdown’s value has changed” and the action is Navigation | Go to page. Please see


Thanks, @tomazz.turk. That wasn’t too bad.

I had to use the Caption option in the Dropdown spec to display the name of the things I had to choose from, but I could see that coming, so it wasn’t too difficult.

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