Changing field element (list) using a button/dropdown

Hi, I am new to bubble and have been trying to modify a template that I purchase from marketplace.

As per the screenshot below, I have the project’s related status element as “LIst” with default set as “Open”. Status can also be set to “Closed”

What would be the best way to change the status to “Closed”

I am trying to create a button or a drop down to change the status and cant seem to be able to figure out the right workflow for this…

can anyone help?


You will find an example on these pages.

I set the datatype of the top group to Project. Please don’t forget to check.

I placed a dropdown inside this group. I edited it to “option set” to be similar to your example. Please also review the property editor of the dropdown.

There is also a button, you can make changes by pressing that button. Please don’t forget to review the workflows.

If there is something you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask.


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@eren works perfectly thank you very much ~! :smiley:

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