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Change cursor on hover

Is there a way to change the cursor? e.g. change to hand on hover over an element

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No we don’t support this (yet). What is the use case?

One thing I’d use it for is to display the hand when hovering over a dropdown. I’ve made the up/down arrows invisible to show just a text, so could be useful for that.

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As an example of a use case, I’d like to have the cursor change to an edit symbol, like a pencil icon, when the user is hovered over something they can click to edit.

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+1, this would be useful, especially for when one needs to use Text elements for links.

Is this feature still not available? I have searched the Forum and Reference Manual but don’t see any options for the cursor to change state upon hover. Is there a Plug-in maybe?

I found a solution for personal plans and up.

  1. Convert png of desired cursor to .cur file here: PNG to CUR (Online & Free) — Convertio
  2. Create a file uploader on a random bubble page and upload the .cur file.
  3. Copy the “dynamic link” for the file
  4. Go to settings > SEO/Metatags > Script/metatag in header
  5. Add a style element in the header and add in the cursor CSS property:
*{cursor:url(your dynamic link url), default;}

For more info on the cursor css property, check out: cursor - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

Hope this helps someone.
Happy building!