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Image and group :hover cursor properties

Bubble newbie here…
Any possibility to add image and group elements cusor properties to pointer on hover when the element is defined as clickable?
All other elements (inputs) are okay, but I am sure it would make UI better, unless there is a workaround I have not found?

Welcome to Bubble!

Are you suggesting the ability to customize the pointer to a specific design, or is the :point_up_2: not showing for you?

For me the cursor changes from the classic triangle to the hand :point_up_2: (but white) over every element that has a workflow attached to it or is a Link.
If it is not showing then maybe there is not yet a workflow defined for that element?

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Hi Geoff - Thanks for the reply.
Arf. I was too fast in posting… I thought the cursor property would change only at ticking the “this element is not clickable” and did not attach workflow to it.

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