Changing a thing - getting reference date

here is my problem

Thanks in advance

Do have the Roles created in your DB?

I have 4 roles already in my db and was somehow hoping to do a search with a workflow. Thanks for your attention

Hi there, @marcus.tuttle1… great use of a video to show the challenges you are facing.

First, just something to consider… I am a fan of using an option set (as opposed to a custom data type) whenever possible. So, you could have an option set (you set these up on the Data >> Option sets tab) for the roles, and you would use an attribute on the set for the role levels.

Aside from that, it’s not clear to me how you are deciding what role to assign to a user, but you should be able to do it in Step 3 of the workflow that is shown at the 2:30-ish mark of the video. You are already making changes to the current user in that step, so you should be able to select the Role field and assign a role to the user. If you end up using an option set for your roles, then you would look for the Get an option selection in the dropdown when assigning the role.

Hopefully what I’ve written above can help you get down a good path, and if you have more questions as you go, I’d be happy to try to answer them.


THANKS FOR THE TIP!!! I will review your advice immediately. Here is the info that I was using as a guide from another paid bubble membership. They could have fleshed out the instruction a bit but it is the crux of my efforts: pdf

I’ve tried to utilize the option sets. Here are my results: video

I watched the video and will respond to your direct message.