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Change dropdown without rewriting the value?


I have a dropdown on a page with dynamic selections from database.
I want to set it to a specific value by data sent from another page.

Let’s say I have “Themes” and “Questions” that are related with the themes.
On first page I click a question, run a workflow on this click to open second page and send data to set “Themes” dropdown on the second page to the clicked question’s theme. It almost works, but - if I have a dynamic value for the “Themes” dropdown “Theme 1” and send from page “There 2”, “Theme 1” is overwritten in database with “Theme 2”.

The data sent to dropdown does not change selection, it overwrites it!
Is there a way to change dropdown value with sent data without overwriting it?

Thank you.

Dropdown elements can only change/overwrite database entries if autobinding is activated.

Are you using the data base to set the dropdown’s values or are you using a custom state which you send form page 1 to page 2?

Auto binding is not in use. I am using “send data” from “go to page” and on page load set dropdown’s value to data from another page.

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