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Dynamic dropdown choice source from another dropdown

I need help with following scenario:
When the users creates a record, he is using dropdown with 5 options. This record is added (saved in DB).
Later I want the user to be able to update the data, by using dropdown again.
I want this dropdown to display previous choice by default and to display all options from the 1st dropdown.
In the new dropdown “Choice sources” field I chose name of the 1st dropdown, but it doesn’t work and looks like I should add some more info there… I have no idea what should I put there.

The only thing that needs to be changed between the two dropdowns is the parent group of the second one should access whatever was stored in the database since you are using auto binding. If you do not use auto-binding then change the Default Value to whatever was stored in the database. The Choices Source should stay the same.

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