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How to update an integer Elements value on Button Click

I don’t understand how to update an Element using the Workflow. I choose “Make changes to thing”. As “Thing to change” I select the Element and “'s value”. But I never get to set the value. I come from object oriented programming and feel I miss out on some basic concept of Bubble.

Can you share a link to the editor so we can see what you’re talking about here? That’s usually the best way to get help, especially since there are so many different ways things can be done in Bubble.

Ok, I think I got it set up for ya. Here’s what I did:

I created a custom state on Input A called “counterValue.” I have the “initial content” of Input A set to be equal to “Input A’s counterValue,” so anytime counterValue changes, the input content changes as well. I have a workflow on the arrow button that says, “When I click this button, change the custom state called counterValue to be counterValue + 1”

Coming from an OO background to Bubble isn’t the smoothest transition, for sure. Custom states take some getting used to, but that’s where I’d suggest looking for this particular example. Lemme know if you have any other questions bout this!

Works great. Thnx! Where can I read up on States and other key concepts (the documentation seems more specific on how to do the details)?

I use this solution, but also need to be able to come from another page and populate the field (or state) with a value incoming to this page. How do I do that?