Change field based on user input?

I am new here. Love learning so far! I am practicing user events to change data. I can’t seem to figure out how to change a field when user clicks a button.

When user clicks a button then change usersscore (which is a field) to usersscore + 1 so it will increment by one every time the button is clicked.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @jhoweleriii

If user score is a number field of a user thing in the database then use the action “make changes to a thing” and set the existing value +1

If user score is a number custom state somewhere on the page (a group for example) the use the action “set state” and set the existing value +1

Thank you for responding. I am getting this prompt about changing a field and not a thing. I attached an image. Thank you.

I took me to a privacy rule and now I have the functionality! Definitely not fine tunes yet on my overall logic but I will get there! Thanks!

Good to hear!

Hi cmarchan,

I use input element to change the content in textbox using 'make changes to current user where username = input’s value, then using show and hide to express the update status.

The new username is updated on the preview, but the username data entry on the data field does not update. When I edit (pencil icon), the popup panel showed the updated username and I have to save it manually before the pop-up closes.

Is there a way to auto-update the username data entry without manually saving the update in the pop-up?