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I’m attempting to implement a feature in where I need to add +1 point to a user’s ‘Points’ field, a Number type, with each button click. However, I’m not seeing the changes reflected in the database. I’ve checked the ‘Make changes to a thing’ workflow, and it seems correctly set up to add ‘Current user’s Points + 1’. I suspect there might be an issue with privacy rules, but I’m unsure how to adjust them or if that’s the case. Can anyone provide guidance or solutions to this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Potentially privacy rules, but take some screenshots of the privacy rules and the workflows you’re using and I’ll take a look

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Hello Oliver! I appreciate your willingness to help in advance, but I ended up finding the solution. I displayed the ‘Current User’s Point’ with a text element, and it successfully showed the +1 increments.

Thank you in advance!

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Good stuff :fire:

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