Change Field Display. Don't show unique ID


In the database there is a feature that allows us to change the display of the information in the database. This would enable the name of a data filed to be displayed rather than some kind of unique id.

I used to find this directly in the database by going to App Data and opening the data type. In this area I would then edit an entry to see the field types and all the associated data.

Normally there was a blue text I could press that would bring me to an area where I could change the display of the data field from unique ID to a field type name.

This was useful especially for list of things. If I had a data field that was a list of another data type, I could display the names instead of a unique ID.

For example, I have a data type of Languages. In my user data type I have a list of languages as a field type. I want the languages to be displayed (ie: English) instead of a unique id (ie: 1536737447929x233993176886018050)

How do I navigate to that area. It would allow you to change the display of all data fields of a particular data type?

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You can access this from the Data tab > App Data > Primary Fields.


Dan (creator of LearnTo - 100+ really great tutorials covering all aspects of Bubble).


Thank you Dan. Big help.

Maybe you’d be able to help me on another issue. I have posted about it already with no responses. I have spent a few days on this issue, watched as many videos and tutorials as I could but I am still not getting the issue resolved.

Currently attempting to have a search results page allow me to sort the results according to selections made from check box elements.

I am successful in having the results display correctly when one check box element is clicked. However, when I select a second check box element the results go blank.

I have tried putting a data source in the search results repeating group set to be a search for all listings with a constraint set to show only those with a data field = to the text result of the check box.

I have tried using intersect with function and merged with function as well as other work arounds. I have had no luck with merged showing results as needed since it will add all the search results into one. This is a problem because the initial search results pull data from the URL which is where I am storing the inputs for the first search.

Once on the page I want them to sort items and to be able to select multiple items from checkbox to display. I have a hotel listing site and want to sort by property types such as hotel, hostel or condo. I would like to show all results for hotels and hostels if both check box elements are checked. Instead I get blank results.

If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.



Send me a PM to our editor and I’ll take a look.