Type a code to display data

Hi Everyone,

Im trying to use the search function to display date.
For example.

The end user gets a unique code. The unique code is entered in to a search bar that then brings up different texts and some forumulas, but I can’t figure out where to start. Can any one help? Thanks, Adam

You can do this easily using the database and workflows.

You could have a repeating group that searches for that unique code and displays only info for that code.

In the database you have to decide. Do you want to have the unique code on the data, or add a list of things to each code.

I think im lost from the top down.

So i have a data type with several types of fields.
One of the fields is this unqiue code.
When this unique code is entered in the search bar, I want the specific field enteries that are on that database row visable. This will change for every unique code that is created, I just have no idea how to do this. Would you be able to help with an idea of a workflow for this?

Yeah this will work :grinning: you got this!

So you’ll have some sort of input field for now. Let’s make it an input and button rather than search field.

Have a big group below the input where you will display the data. The “type of content” should be the datatype that has these different unique codes.

Inside this new group you can have display data as
“the parent groups THING’S title”
“The parent groups THING’s image”
Whatever else you want to display.

So when the user inputs a unique code and presses the button all you have to do is Display data in a group. And do a search for datatype where unique code is input’s unique code:first item

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Just a relevant question though, if you have for example Data Type A in the repeating group (as the type of content), but amongst the data fields, you will need to add one that comes from Data Type B, will that work even if the type of content is not where Data Type B is?

Will creating a separate parent group with type of content for Data Type B inside the repeating group work?

I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but for example maybe you have a repeating group of USERS, and the USERS have a list of BOOKS you can show that book data in the repeating group of users yeah.

You can nest the repeating groups if you need to, but be warned that it is resource-intensive.

For example, if the repeating group’s type of content is USERS but you want to also show a data type that is different from USERS in that same repeating group, can it be done? Can you make a parent group that has a different data type that USERS?

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