Change from Wordpress to Bubble APP

Hi guys. I don´t know really well, just noticed this app. Seems like that a lot of functions can be developed in a fast way.

Can anyone tell me the advanges for compared to wordpress?

I want to change my wordpress plattform to another plattform in order to be agile in terms of adding functions. Wordpress is very slow and quiet expensive to develop stuff individually.

Do you think app would be a better alternative?

My plattform has following functions

  • User reg
  • Company reg
  • Every user has a dashboard view (company more functions as normal user)
  • admin has a dashboard view to manage all stuff
  • Companys can their events in a listing form
  • Every event needs to be reviewed and approved by admin
  • Rating for each event (From admin or from user)
  • advanced filters for event searching

Also i need a freelancer who can build and transfer my wordpress to another plattform.

Thanks guys!

Please check PM

What are the advanges to change from wordpress to app?

Yes we have checked It’s a multilingual website and It would be better if we move on Bubble because Bubble is cloud based application and have much better from WordPress terms of browsing speed.

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If you are building a web app - WordPress is horrible.

If you are building a system for content management of want to sell content (from videos to text), WordPress is really the best option.

It doesn’t has to be black or white, i use both.

Thanks for your feedback. I would like to be more flexibel in terms of development new functions. Wordpress is terrible if you think out of the box. Every customization in wordpress makes harder to align with several plugins. iam using over 30 plugins which some of them are customized. The performance is also very bad.

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WordPress can be very handy for simple to moderately advanced builds - there are a few scenarios were I would stick to a CMS like WordPress (or Joomla) but like you’ve said, once you start adding plugins to do some functions or added features and even using a page builder, once the site starts to grow it becomes very bloated - not only on the performance aspect but also impacting the customizability and the scalability of the site.

Bubble gives you so much flexibility and control in the approach it really has changed the way I go about designing, structuring (on the data side) and building sites.

Just be aware there is a bit of a learning curve, but overtime the more you learn, the more you see the power in Bubble and whats capable of producing.

If you have some development experience and you need more flexibility and power, Bubble is amazing. If you are starting from scratch with little development experience and need some complexity then Bubble will take a bit of time to get your heard around it. On the other hand, if it is a relatively simple project, you should be fine with Bubble. Then again you can ask for help.


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From the use case and features you describe, I would suggest bubble over wordpress. I have extensive experience in both platforms and think wordpress is best suited to manage content consumption websites. Bubble lets you build a more powerful web app with more control over design and user management. Not to mention, its much more cost-effective and easy to manage. Having built similar apps for clients, I recommend you go with bubble.

I am open to walking you through various pros and cons to help you decide between the 2 platforms. I am reachable at [email protected] or @anilamesur on skype.