Capability of Bubble

Hey guys, I’m looking to build a platform like TripAdvisor - a directory platform. I contacted some agencies about getting that done and they confirmed that it could be done. Bubble doesn’t have a track record for building sophisticated platforms as traditional code does - Do you think I should go the WordPress route? or is there a chance that it can be done on Bubble?

Wordpress will be easier, but no where near as flexible or cost effective. I think to build Trip Advisor in WP, you’ll be sucked into the pyramid scheme that is the world of Wordpress plugins. There is a steep learning curve for Bubble but I don’t think WP vs Bubble makes sense to compare when it comes to building a web app.

I just merged two of my Wordpress sites, one was using BuddyBoss and a myriad of plugins to run subscriptions, forums etc and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. Much more flexible, secure and cheaper in the long run.

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