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Is there any Bubble's advantage over Wordpress?

Can someone show me some application that was built using Bubble, and it couldn’t be done using wordpress?

From what I see apps on various “showcase of bubble’s apps” websites seem to be pretty simple. And worst of all, they’re just ugly. Using Wordpress and for example Divi (page builder) I can create much, much nicer pages and applications.

So why you are using Bubble, not Wordpress?

I can’t build web applications without writing code on Wordpress. I can build a better blog on Wordpress, absolutely. I had previously built (and sold) a web app that allowed literacy teachers to assess students across a wide variety of skills, generate reports for the parents, and it was all wrapped in a complex user management and licensing system that the school or district could manage.

Could that be done in Wordpress? Maybe, but I couldn’t find a way to do that without writing code. The template builders like Divi and Elementor are awesome for what they do, they just don’t do what I need.


Design is a matter of taste. Nothing to do with bubble.

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As someone who spent many years trying to build different ideas on Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal and only getting so far before hitting personal limitations in coding and also spending the last 3+ years using Bubble, I think I know both platforms fairly well to answer this question.

If you only want a CMS, then stick with Wordpress. If you’re looking to build something more complex and are not proficient at writing PHP, JS, or any other language, then that is where Bubble is going to help you succeed.

As far as design goes – that’s an art many do not possess, but to say a Bubble app cannot look good is completely wrong. There are some that are really well designed.

So, with Bubble you’ll be able to create an application much faster, with more complex features (e.g. connect to 3rd party APIs) than you could with Wordpress.


So can you link to some Bubble’s well-designed websites? Because I couldn’t find any ;/

Ok thanks for sharing your opinion :wink: I think Wordpress is easier to learn than Bubble. And if you want built more complex projects you should start to coding (in my opinion ofc). Bubble is in the middle, and I think it’s not worth time to learn. SImple procjets —> go Wordpress, more complex --> just learn to code or hire someone who can.

Btw. Can you share some well-designed Bubble’s projects? :slight_smile: Unfortunately I couldn’t find any. That’s why I think it’s beacause of Bubble limitations (it is not possible that any Bubble maker has no taste :smiley: )

Well this is starting to devolve into an area where it seems like I’m trying to get you to realize your religion is a terrible idea to believe in. :confused:

While there are plenty more, Hakr makes some pretty nice looking themes.

A lot of Zeroqodes templates are pretty well designed too.

Meetaway is well designed too, especially in terms of how the app functions.


Seem as though this person finds bubble difficult and try make troll on others.

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Bubble makes it possible for me, a non technical founder, to quickly build complex web apps without needing to rely on coders. I can iterate faster and save tons of money since I don’t have to pay a developer each and every time I want to make a change. Bubble has saved me tons of money which has in turn removed much of the financial risk of building a startup.


Agree with you @dserber. As a zero-coding-ability founder like me, I can build a very complex application with complex conditions on Bubble, all without coding. Design wise, I think Bubble is not far off, we just need to be creative.

I am running into the same issue as the other person. Let me ask can you make pages look beautiful with say scrolling text, how do you put out your images as cover like in Wordpress, how to add a slideshow easily (can be done with a plugin) and left sliding testimonials for example.