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Change Icon of Slidebar Menu

Hello! I’m trying to figure out how to build menus (and do it well). As I’m trying the slidebar menu, I was thinking of having 2 menus, one main menu on the left and an account menu on the right. However, it seems I cant change the icon of the menu, so there’s no way to differentiate between both.

Is there a way to add 2 menus? Can the icon be change? Is this good practice?

Please advise. Thanks.

Good morning;

Yes, you’re right, there is no option for this.

A little workaround here:


This is not called a work around, it’s called cheating :smile:


Maybe take a look at the slideable menu (bdk) plugin?

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Hi Gaurav, I’m new to this. It looks like something I would want. I’ll try to run my MVP now and then upgrade as required. Thanks for the suggestion.