Small feature request

Hi - the sidebar menu works well. It would be great to change the hamburger icon. Could you guys enable a ‘choose icon’, that lets us replace the hamburger with other icons?

(I’m not asking for icons + text etc to be allowed in a list of menu options - I’m asking if the sidebar menu icon itself could be changed from hamburger to other options).

You can achieve this by layering. I often do this to show the user avatar instead of the hamburger, and make it so clicking on the user’s avatar exposes the slide menu:

  1. The slidebar menu has an option to show icon–uncheck this. This leaves the slidebar element on the page, but in effect hides it from the user.
  2. Then place any icon or image “inside” the slidebar element.
  3. Select the icon element, and in the top menu choose “Send to Back”:
  4. …and to be extra sure select the Slidebar element and choose Arrange–>Bring to Front.

The user will “see” the icon, but when they click, they’ll be clicking on the “invisible” slidebar element sitting on top of the image, which triggers the menu to display.


Sorry - just seeing this now.

I know it’s late - but thanks very much for the tip!