Change in how the element condition "When this group/button isn't clickable" behaves?


So throughout my app, whenever I have a clickable button that I’d like to apply custom when hovered or when pressed styles except during situations when the button/group isn’t currently clickable, I used an element conditional like: When This button is hovered and This button isn't clickable is "no", to ensure that it would apply things like change background color when the button is in a clickable state, as this seems like good UX.

However today I noticed that buttons that have this type of condition are no longer working how they previously did in my live app. And I haven’t deployed a new version to live in months, so after investigating, it appears bubble suddenly changed the value type returned for the This button isn't clickable condition, which would previously always be yes/no. Now it seems it only returns an implicit yes.

However bubble applied this to the live and test versions of all apps simultaneously, which seems like bug-behavior. Anyone else encountering this issue?

@jjj230 Yes, I am facing this issue today.

If so that would be a bug. Report the bug with details as requested here:

Yes, this happened to me! In production! So frustrating.

Hello folks,

Thanks for flagging! We’re also seeing this issue, so we’re investigating this now. Please do contact our team at or file a bug report if you’re seeing this in your app!

Update: fix for this should be live, though let us know if you’re seeing anything else!

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