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Somehow starting from today, all newly added buttons become unclickable?

Hi, I’m new here and trying to learn how to use

I’m just wondering if anyone could help me solve the problem.

I created a few new pages before today and created a few new buttons and they are still clickable.

However, I added a new button to the same page today and the new button is unclickable.

For testing, I created a brand new test page and a new test button (with no conditions, just created) on the new test page, but the new test button is unclickable.

The buttons I created before today are still clickable, but all new buttons I created today are unclickable.

For testing, I copied a clickable button and pasted it on the same page.

The old button is clickable, but the copied new button is unclickable in any group (regardless of parent or child).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, please.

Check your conditionals

Thanks for your reply @boston85719 .

As I stated, I created a new button with no conditions and the button is unclickable.

Any other conditions should I check?

Hi there, @yoota2b… two things come to mind, and I can’t imagine either one of them are the case. First, any chance the This element isn’t clickable box is checked on the Appearance tab? Second, do the buttons have workflows associated with them?

Sorry if those things are ridiculously obvious, but I’m not having an issue adding a button to a page, and if what you are experiencing was an actual bug caused by Bubble, I’m guessing the community would be all over it by now.


Thanks, @mikeloc

The element isn’t clickable box is unchecked.

I haven’t created any workflow with this button.

If this is a bug, is there anything I can do?

Um, if there is no workflow associated with the button, then what do you mean it’s not clickable? What is it supposed to do when you click it if there is no workflow associated with it?


Thanks a lot for your great help, @mikeloc.

I added a workflow to the new button and the button is clickable now!

Thanks again!!!

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