Change Language from English to Spanish

Hello, I wanted to know how can I change the language of my app to Spanish?

Thank you

The easiest and most efficient way is to use the language feature in settings. I suggest you read some posts on this topic.

You need to:
1/ Specify the different languages you want and the id and text for each translation.
2/ Define your default language or language depending on Explorer languiage.
3/ Define how you want to set the language for each user when they visit your website (eg. Simple dropdown option (using cookies) or if you want to save this setting on user account level in DB), therefore X user sets their language preference in settings for example and every time the user logs in their language option is applied.

From a user experience point of view it makes sense to do 2 things, set language the same as Browser language for first time users and allow the user to choose a different language easily if user wishes to change it. Have a default language if language does not exist (ie. your website is in English and Spanish, if you get a French user using Chrome in French, what language does it fall back to, English or Spanish? You have to decide on this. It might make sense to send Mexicans to the Spanish language but French to English language. Save language option to cookie or in DB.

Remember there are also different English and Spanish languages,


Full list of languages:

Hope this is a good start to get you going.


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