Setting default language

So i have set 2 languages, German and English on my website. I want people to assign them the language German right of the bet. I have tried a workflow on page load but then it changes back to german even if i change to english. do i have to do smth with the index page conditions? I have also set the “application primary language” to german but it always starts with english.

Might be your browser

What I do in my application is make use of the User data type as I believe, Bubble looks there first.

If you have not, definitely check out the Bubble manual on this topic.

What my app has on User data type is a field called Language Preference, and it is a option set that I created called Languages. I set the default value in the database to the language I want as the default.

Works just fine.

Then I have workflows to change that field when a user chooses a different language.

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