I have a question on responsive design

First of all, thank you for reading my post.
I am neither a developer nor a designer.

I don’t know how to create a table with groups so that it looks like the picture below. I have an image and I want to force the columns to become rows when the width decreases via a minimum value.

But it looks like I need some advanced techniques to get it to look like the image below. Can you help me with this?

You can also point me to a relevant YouTube lesson.

I can give you a link also.


I highly recommend you to check New Responsive Tutorials (2022) - YouTube from Bubble about responsive engine :slight_smile:

There are also some videos from bubble OG developers that a more detailed:

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Have you tried this: Change Order of Groups on Mobile? - #4 by J805

Does that not work anymore?

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I recommend checking those above resources and play around with conditional tab

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