Change page height with a condition


Having fixed page, can’t work with “collapse” element. Wondering if page height value can be changed with a condition?



No need to wonder… just click the Conditional tab and see for yourself (it can’t, by the way, I just checked).

Of course you can always change the page height with CSS - but why are you using a fixed page layout instead of a responsive one - especially as you want to it to behave responsively?

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Yes, I have checked, there is no condition for that, have wondered if there is any other option, as you mentioned the CSS :+1:

Fixed page is because of the contract document, and being “responsive” mobile.

If user open the contract page, where is the fixed size element, user can zoom in and out, and have a feeling of a contract.

It’s bit complex than that, exploring the pdf creator option. I might make it custom page size -.-

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