Change/Reset many database cells at once

Hi there,

I feel pretty stupid, but I can’t find a solution to this simple task. I would like to set all “on_a_list” values in one of my DB tables to “No” (via a “Reset” button in the frontend).


I thought about the “Make changes to things …” action. However, this appears to be tied to a specific entry, rather than all entries in a table.

Any ideas?

Hi there, @mirko.heimburger… you would use the Make changes to a list of things action, and for the List to change, do a search for the data type you want to change and don’t add any constraints to the search. Then, in the action, set the on_a_list field to “no”. Does that make sense?


Hi Mike,
thank you for this advice. It absolutely feels like the right way to go. However, I’m still struggling … :-/

After reading your message, I tried the following:

To me, this could be interpreted as follows: "search the ‘Item_list’ for all values in the ‘on_a_list’ column which are switched to ‘yes’ ". But that does’t seem to work.

What have I missed?

Okay, if I understand correctly, for the List to change, do a search for records where on_a_list is “yes” and change the on_a_list field to “no”.

Is that what you’re going for?


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Oh wow - it’s that easy…! :open_mouth:
Yep - works perfectly!

Thank you very much Mike!!! :+1: :smiley:

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My pleasure, @mirko.heimburger… happy to help!