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Need help: checkbox to make changes to a value in a list item in the database

Hi bubble buddies, i need a little help here. I am trying to have it so that when the user ticks a checkbox it makes changes to a value in a list item in the database.

I want it so that if the user checks the box the ‘value’ (field) on the database item changes from the 0 to 1… and if they uncheck it… it changes back to 0.

Thanks in advance

Add a workflow that executes when ‘an input is changed’.

Select this checkbox as the input and ‘make changes to a thing’ in an action within this workflow based on the new value of the checkbox.

in the action, you might have to assign the new value of the thing you are making changes to like this:
fieldYouAreChanging = checkbox’s value: formatted (format it as 1 when the checkbox value is ‘yes’ and 0 for ‘no’)

Hope that helps

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Thanks, i had already done the first part of what you said to do but the issue is: how do i tell it to change ONE of the list items value only. See pictures for where i’m at.

Thanks for your help. If you can help me solve this problem i would really appreciate it. (see pictures above).

When you do ‘Make changes to a thing’, in ‘Thing to change’, you should be able to find current cell’s Sleep Score. If you select that it will only change that cell’s Sleep Score.

Oh so it sounds like your talking about having each check box inside a repeating group?

Currently, I just have a list of questions (written in the checkbox text) each as seperate elements.