Copy list of things and then change one field of all the new things

Hi, I want to copy a list of things (database records)

and then make changes to one field of that list (Result of step 1)


In this case copy a list of ‘Vragen2’ where ‘Bron’ =“yes” and then set ‘Bron’ to “no” of each new item, but the expression remains red. It is possible to only change the first item (:first item), but I want all the items changed. Please let me know if this is possible.

Make sure you are using the “Make changes to a list of things” action and not the “Make changes to a thing”

Then set the list of things to change to "Result of step 1 (Copy a list of things)

Then click the “+ Add field”

and pick the “Bron = no”

Thanks a lot! That works (how could I have overseen this?)

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