Change Search Field

I’ve got a table called blogger-bookings that has some fields that refer to another table called blogger-names.

I want to copy 3 of the fields from table blogger-names named :

  1. BloggerName
  2. BloggerSocialID
  3. Blogger WebLink

But I don’t seem to be able to do that as when I created these three fields on the second table I defined that all three of them are of the first table type.

So now alll three fileds have the same name: SOcial ID

How can I go around this?

What you’re seeing in the field there is the “Primary Display Field.” It is a representation of a thing you’ve linked to within your database. (At a default level, it is the “unique ID” of that thing.

Because you have that linked unique ID, you can subsequently access all of the information about that other thing in the database (The BloggerName, BloggerSocialID, Blogger WebLink, etc). So, you only save that reference once (Ie. “AssociatedBlogger”), then in your actual pages and workflows, your string looks like BlogPost’s AssociatedBlogger’s BloggerName.

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