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Linking Database Tables -- Typeahead Search Not Displaying Matching User Emails to Select

Having a bit of trouble connecting two tables in my database by User in the Data view. Specifically, I cannot seem to connect tables when the User table’s “primary field” is set to Email. I can only do it when I change the User table’s primary field to “unique id”. (Which scares me a bit since I feel like I am changing a system default, and moreover annoys me since unique id’s are meaningless and make it tedious for me to connect User records to this secondary table’s records.)

See the screenshot below.

In this screenshot, you can see that I have successfully connected this table to my User table on the “unique id” field. The just typed in “147…” and Bubble’s type-ahead search instantly found matching User records.

But when I leave the User table’s “primary field” set to email and instead type the first few characters of known email addresses from my User table, nothing happens. Again, see screenshot:

And of course I cannot just type the full User email address and save the record given how Bubble is set up.

I thought maybe this was just a (strange) system limitation, but then I found this thread Setting up database relationships - Data type "user" not working specifically a post by @nigel (“so start typing an email address and you will get a list of users, select on and it will allocate it”) that makes me think this typeahead search on User email field in Data view should work just fine. But for me, it doesn’t.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? (If so, I’ll file a bug … I’m honestly just not sure if I should expect this to work or not, and I’m at the point where I can’t spend any more time fiddling with it on my own.)