Change Status Of Task Based On Date

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I’m new to Bubble and can’t seem to figure it out. I’m trying create a workflow where when the due date is past. The status changes to past due automatically. Thanks in advance.
1)Task Data Type

Schedule a backend workflow to change task status to Past due on the due date while creating the task

Like this? Sorry, I’m completely new to bubble. Thanks for your help.

Almost there
Add task as parameter to the workflow
And refer to that parameter in Make changes to wf instead of searching for it

These are the changes I made. Hope I did it correctly.

Now go back to the screen where you’re creating tasks
In the same create task wf, add Schedule a backend workflow step
Select “Change status”, send task created in the previous step as parameter, schedule it to run on Prev steps task’s due date + 1 day

Like this?

You need to type 1 from the keyboard after clicking on “More” at the end of the expression in red

Here is the update I made.

To test to see if it worked. I create a task and added a past due date and the status didn’t change to “past due”

Goto Logs in the bubble editor
Click on scheduler
See if there’s a scheduled wf waiting to run

I’d also create a field on that datatype to store the workflow ID of the scheduled task. That way if the due date gets changed you’re able to cancel the scheduled workflow

I did another test and then checked the logs. There was nothing scheduled.

Interesting! Have you clicked on show?

Are you setting the due date while creating task?