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Appreciate this may be answered, but I was struggling to find a relatable ref:.

I.e., I have buttons for edit, view, send; on a document, all work. However, once the document, (form) is sent it needs to be s non-editable, is it possible to disable these button after a commit button is pressed? regardless of refresh?

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Check out the “this button isn’t clickable” button and link it to a custom state or data boolean. You could do something like when parent group’s form is_sent is “yes”, this button isn’t clickable.

Hi Duke,

thank you for the welcome and the guide.
This does work, however; after page refresh the elements are back and
active again. Is there a way to make this state persistent, even after refresh?



To make something persistent you need to save it to the database then check its value. If this is a per user thing you could add a field to the user and use this for the check.


Thanks simon, I store data to the database after create a record.
The challenge is the state.

For example:

-I create an invoice for £x to be paid to customer James
-I have a create invoice button and this allows me to create a new thing in the database
-I use the 'create database to action the create invoice action and store James and £x as new record.
-from a customer perspective, I don’t want the user to duplicate the invoice multiple times, so after the record is created I would like the create button in the repeating field (where it is located) to be hidden.

I have tried creating yes no status, and using this to drive the hide button action, but this only works in the first step, if you refresh the button reappears.

Please advise, if Is their any way to achieve this,



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