Hide button forever

I need the button of the repeated group to disappear and no longer appear in that group once it is pressed, can I do this with “set states”?

It depends what you mean by forever…?

States only exist on the page, so you can hide a button on the page using states, but when the page is refreshed or revisited, it will re-appear.

If you want to hide it beyond the particular browsing session then you’ll need to either use the database, or cookies (depending on the use case).


You can do this through workflows I believe using element actions to hide an element.

Yes agreed.

What kind of data should I store so that the button disappears

I am going to try

You can just have a yes/no field on the User, or on the Rg datatype (depending exactly what it is you’re doing) for ‘Show Button’ or whatever it is you need.

It can be set to Yes by default, and set to No once it’s been pressed, with a conditional on the Button to only be visible if that particular thing’s Show Button value is yes.

If you need the show/hide status of each thing’s button to be different for each individual user then you’ll need to have a separate datatype (something like ‘buttons to show’) connected to each thing and each user, with a yes no field for ‘Show Button’, and use that to set up your conditionals on the button in the Rg.

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Its hard to understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Do you mean only press once per page load, or only press once, at all?

Per Page

If you want to do it per page load, this is pretty easy. Actually, both is easy.

When button is pressed > Hide an Element > Button A


Create a data field under user, call it whatever. Im going to call it “Button Pressed”

Create a conditional on the button:

If Current User’s Button Pressed is yes
Element visible on page load: No

If Current User’s Button Pressed is no
Element visible on page load: Yes

Bam, done.

Hope I helped!

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Show !!! That was the logic that I was not able to reach, thank you very much man!!

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