How to make the same button record and erase entries?

I have a button that, when pressed, records data in three fields of a table and remains in full color. So far it’s done.

But when pressed again it needs to deselect this data and get the color dimmed again.
How to make?

You can use “State” for this purpose before saving in the database. Then use the button to save the data as final confirmation.

You can share screenshot and more details of what you are trying to achieve if you have not found the solution yet. Or you can share if you have already found the workaround.

Thanks for the answer. I just didn’t realize you had replied.

Agora não estou conseguindo resolver a seguinte funcionalidade.

Ao clicar nos botões do menu “Add Categories”, preciso que apareçam “cartões” na tela. E quando clicado novamente nos botões, os cartões desapareçam. Mas preciso que grave no banco de dados, em estado permentente, para se manter independente da sessão.

Consegui fazer a funcionalidade perfeitametne apenas como estado temporário (custom state).

Para isso tenho um Type Categories, com um campo para nome e outro para marcar o estado ativo ou não ativo, com um yes/no.

Mas não estou conseguindo configurar o workflow.

Could you help?

Your question was in English. I don’t what drove you to change the language.

However, please use “State” to Select/Deselect (change icons color).

Send again.

Now I am not able to solve the following functionality.

When clicking on the “Add Categories” menu buttons, I need “cards” to appear on the screen. And when clicked again on the buttons, the cards disappear. But I need it to write to the database, in a permanent state, to remain independent of the session.

I was able to do the functionality perfectly just as a temporary state (custom state).

For that I have a Type Categories, with a field for the name and another for marking the active or not active state, with a yes/no.

But I am not able to configure the workflow.

I assume “Add Category” displaying 3 categories is a repeating group.

You can create the workflow like this
When icon is clicked, Element (Set State), there you can define the values for the states. (Current cell’s category and current cell’s index) etc.

**To find the states you will need to search the element that is containing the state. (e.g. page or gorup)

Yes. RepeatingGroup.

This workflow is still very confusing for me, I’m starting on the bubble.
As you can see in the image, I copied the button to run the yes/no state on them. Since then I have not been able to configure…

I thought that when working with data saved in the table I wouldn’t need to create “custom states”

I have already mentioned the steps above. Please follow.

Or you can be specific of any steps that you don’t understand.

What actually you are trying to achieve?

If you don’t wanna use the states then please save in the database.

Create database to save the values.

In workflow please create a new thing when button is clicked or make changes to thing whatever you want

Please let me know what are you struggling with if still it’s not clear.

Yes, as I said initially, I need to save in the database. Write and unwrite in permanent state. So that, when restarting the session, the data is maintained. As I said, the database has already been created.

Specifically the “Make changes” the yes/no data’s workflow in the Type I couldn’t configure.

What helps me is a step by step on how to configure this workflow.

Hi did you try clicking “change another field”? As on the last screenshot you provided.

You can find the field there. And change the value to yes/no.

I did this for “yes” and for “no”.
I believe I also need to put an alternation condition, but so far I haven’t been able to find it.
I don’t know if it should be placed in each of the button states or in each of the “make changes”.


I don’t know if I could explain,

I have already formulated several possibilities of sentences, everything is in blue, but the data does not record

I managed to record.

However, it is not getting as “no” when clicking again.
In the workflow I copied the button; in each state the yes/no indications are opposite. I believe it was supposed to be derecorded too.


As far I understand from the question you wanted to deselect the data of the current cell and change the color.

Now you are doing is add or delete data based on the selection. Things are confusing.

However if you want to delete (derecord) a thing you need to delete it from the workflow. By changing any fields status yes/no won’t do this.

Color is no longer in question.

Now I just need to be able to uncheck what was checked.

Use state to change the status of cell temporarily, and use a button/icon to save the data in database.

I tried using custom state yes/no for the button. I tried several conditions, but it didn’t work.
Continue without unchecking.

You have set the state right. But you did not set the conditionality for the checkbox.

Please select the icon in the editor. Go to condition tab. Create condition there. When states value is yes chang the icon or icon color to different icon.

Create one more condition there when states value is no.